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Disclosing Atkins Diet

By , August 10, 2010 8:11 pm

Medical studies have shown and nutritionist have long known that a high protein diet which includes fruit and green vegetables but has low amounts of starchy carbohydrates will lower cholesterol and triglycerides, improves heart disease and, more importantly,helps prevent the conditions that lead to diabetes and Hyperinsulemia (a most destructive condition to the human body).

It is no coincidence that this baseless low carb debate has begun again on the eve of an American Bread Summit. This summit convened earlier this year to address the loss of wheat sales due to people trying to lose weight by cutting starchy carbohydrates. Is it also a coincidence that we witness the recent attempt by the cereal, cookie, cake and candy industry to modify recipes for fear of massive class action lawsuits against their poisoning of America? Such a lawsuit would be full of merit.

In my opinion and experience, Hyperinsulemia and Diabetes II are more eating disorders than medical disorders. They come from years of pushing the body into over-producing insulin in an effort to process the excess pounds of sugar and flour found in the Standard American Diet (SAD). Diabetes II is not a genetic given. If those in your family have it then you can assume you could receive the same health results if you eat the same foods they do. Watch what they eat and choose to not eat those foods. Often one will get their family’s health problems if one eats as they do. Don’t do what they do to avoid what they have. If you do what they do you’ll get what they got and look how they look. The same goes for Arthritis and many conditions often blamed on genetics.

I have and I will continue to praise eating high protein and low amounts of starchy carbohydrates all chosen within your blood type list. With over thirty years of good experience with the Atkins diet, I have found it to be the best way of eating for health and longevity. If one reads Atkins’ books they will see that Atkins does not recommend going on his or any diet without nutritional supplementation. Those who do are asking for trouble. He also recommends eating fresh greens and taking fiber supplements. Those who do not head these directions are the ones who do not receive good results and give low carb diets a bad rap.

If on Atkins, I recommend you also combine it with the Blood Type diet. Contrary to the way the Atkins Diet is portrayed by the media, one is not encouraged to consume every fatty food in sight. Those purveyors of slander owe a large slice of their commercial air time to the medical, pharmaceutical and food industries who all have a lot to lose if Americans get healthy without drugs, sugars and grains.

I have personally lived the Atkins lifestyle for over 15 years. As it is written, it is the best way to eat for those with Blood Type O. However, other blood types may need more direction. If one eats the wrong source of protein for their type then negative results could crop up down the road. Example: Blood type A will gain weight and their cholesterol could go up if they eat beef. Plus they will not feel very well to boot . Blood Type AB and B can have several meats but should avoid chicken.

Eating the Atkins way should not be regarded as a temporary weight loss diet but as a way of healthy eating for life as Atkins intended. It is difficult for the paid medical lackeys to speak against the diet with any creditability as the nation is filled with millions of slim and healthy walking Atkins billboards. You can’t miss an Atkins body, it sticks out among the obese and diabetic like a polished thumb.

The combination of high protein with limited amounts of low glycemic carbohydrates chosen from those listed for your blood type will result in the best healthy diet available.